Our Story

It all started in October 2009, after we dug a clean water well in El Salvador.  We were impressed at how much the communal landscape would change as a result of simply having clean drinking water flowing into the lives of these beautiful people.  But we were also overwhelmed at how much more needed to be done in these communities, over and above clean drinking water.  So we started brainstorming ideas for them.

Right heart.  Wrong plan.  Living in North America, it’s easy to brainstorm grand ideas and plans to help people who are living in poverty.  But we tend to forget one simple truth…

The people living in poverty have plans and dreams too.

And honestly, those plans are far better than any we could dream up for them.  So we changed our strategy for helping.

Our Strategy

The Floodgate Foundation helps qualified Third World communities by meeting with local community leadership teams, and asking them one simple question:  “What do you need?”  After listening to their answers, we try our best to fund their unique ideas.

Most communities dream about creating sustainable businesses that will benefit their own communities in terms of creating ongoing revenue streams.  Other communities aren’t able to even think about a revenue stream, and simply need to survive.

After meeting individually with these groups, we come back to the United States and find the money they need.  We get them the funds, then allow them to build their dreams into reality.

Our Goal

Once we’re able to fund these specific projects, we ask that the communities pay back the loan over time.  Click here to download our Loan Repayment Policy.

Our Message

We can’t candy-coat the fact that we’re doing this all because of Jesus.  It’s done for His glory, and because of His mandate to serve “the least of these” (Matthew 25:14).  Our local contacts in each location are not only project supervisors, but evangelists as well.  At every turn, they preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ – that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us (John 1:11).  His crucifixion and His resurrection are preached regularly, and all people are invited to respond.