We believe there’s a larger Narrative we’re all living in.   It’s the Grand Story of God, and His work of redemption and restoration on this earth.  We’re not earning our way to heaven, but living in active response to His great love for us.  And for some mysterious reason, He’s asking us to play a role in that Story.

He’s inviting you to make your story part of His Story.

At the end of our days, God won’t ask us why we didn’t build bigger cathedrals, or own larger houses.  He won’t ask us why we didn’t achieve complete victory over some secret sin issue, nor will He ask us why we didn’t vote in alignment with a specific political party.

At the end of our days, God will look at us and ask for an accounting of how we served “the least of these”.  This is Jesus’ way of describing people who experience a thirst for basic everyday needs, yet who don’t have the resources to quench that thirst.  Please read all of Matthew 25 for the complete picture.

The Floodgate Foundation (while being just one small fish in a very large pond of non-profits) offers one way for you to become involved in the lives of real people, and to be able to call these people by their first name.

If you choose to donate financially to The Floodgate Foundation, please don’t ever expect to see your name anywhere in the public arena.  This firm conviction stands for both private and corporate donors, and is not dependent on your donation amount.  We’ll know that you gave, God will know that you gave, and the IRS will know that you gave.  Beyond that, we’re not dropping your name to anyone else.

So if at the end of your days, you want to stand together with us (and others) and be able to say that you helped restore an entire Third World Community from the ground up, then please begin praying about getting involved financially.  And if not this cause, then please do something (anything) for “the least of these”.

If your heart seems to be aligning with ours, you can purchase this video to show at your church (or other event).  All gross profit goes directly to the Floodgate Foundation.