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The People

The people involved in our community restoration projects are beautiful people.  They are hard workers who aren’t afraid to get dirty.  They love their families with a sacrificial love, and want a great life for their children.  Many of them love Jesus.  There’s just one difference between us and them.

They don’t have the resources to fulfill their dreams.

These beautiful people have dreams, desires, and aspirations.  For those of us living in the United States (or similar nations), when we dream, we also have every opportunity to make an attempt at fulfilling that dream.  When we want to start a business, the resources are there for us to try.  When we want to travel, we can dip into the pool of resources available to us.

But for these people, there are no resources available.

The Floodgate Foundation is concerned with making those resources available to qualified communities.

The Process

A community that’s chosen to partner with the Floodgate Foundation has been chosen using several criteria.

First, they’ve been hand-picked as candidates by local representatives who know them, and who can attest to their desire, and their integrity.  Every community wants help, but we need to choose communities who have the ability to properly steward the help we give.

Second, they’ve gone through a process of meeting with a Board Member of The Floodgate Foundation.  This North American Board Member has traveled to each village represented, and sat in the home of the community leadership team.  The Board Member has asked about the community’s unique needs, and has received a written proposal for each specific project.

Finally, the community has been added to the project list, and The Floodgate Foundation has begun raising funds for their unique project.  As funds are made available, they’re wired to our local representative in the community, and dispersed accordingly.

No one from The Floodgate Foundation is financially compensated for any work they do.  All hours are volunteered.