crop project

THE PEOPLE – Every partnership on this website has been entered into with an extremely poor community.  The El Salvadorian community of El Nance represents the poorest of the poor.  The people from this community were promised a clean water well in 2007, only to dig over 200 meters with no water found anywhere.  As we met with the community leaders, there was little hope to be found.  Their eyes proved it.

THE PRIMARY CHALLENGE – At this point, because of the bacteria in their drinking water, much of the community suffers continually from diaherra.  The long-term answer will be to route the water from a nearby river through a filtration system, and up the hill to their community.  But the cost for that is outrageous ($150,000).

THE PROJECT – This community needs help yesterday, so we’re purchasing a pump that will route river water into a crop field.  At this point, there is no business plan for selling the crops they grow.  They’re not ready for that yet.  At this point, it’s triage –  we simply need to stop the immediate bleeding by helping them grow their own crops year-round.  Then, they’ll give those crops freely to everyone in the El Nance Community.  And we’ll continue to purchase seeds for every new season, until a miracle happens with the water situation.

THE COST – $3000.