talapia farm

THE PEOPLE – The Costa Brava Community is by far the most organized group we’re working with. They have the right leaders in the right places.  They ask all the right questions, and are committed to their vision of creating a large, sustainable business in their community.  The leadership includes older men and women, but also several 20-something young men, too.  This group possesses a world of potential.

THE PRIMARY CHALLENGE – Obviously, the primary challenge for this community has nothing to do with vision or mission.  It’s money.  And it’s a huge amount they’re asking for.  And we’re fine with that.

THE PROJECT – The leadership team of Costa Brava wants to create a Tilapia Farm.  Here’s the amazing part of this project:  An overtly Christian government official attended the initial meeting with us, and offered a 99-year free lease on the land needed to build the lake.  He also offered a bull-dozer to dig the lakes.  Wow.  Building a Tilapia Farm requires that three lakes are built, not just one.  The community will raise the fish, then sell it to neighboring communities.  This project will even employ one (or two?) full-time workers from the community.

THE COST – $20,000.